Custom Retirement Plan Design

Get an individualized retirement plan that focuses on your specific needs and gets you and your employees the most out of your savings.

Our Process

Plan Design

We review your business situation, entity type, ownership, and profits. We discuss your goals with regard to personal savings and employee benefits. Then we apply our 40 years of experience and 639 pages of non-discrimination regulations to outfit the best plan for you.


We draft all the legal plan documents. We align the investment strategy with your advisor or with you directly. We confirm the tax strategy with your accountant. We help open all the accounts for plan funding.


We help you understand how to deduct 401k deferrals from employees’ and your own payroll and how to get that money into the plan. We ensure that you are a responsible plan sponsor providing you with all the legal disclosures for your employees. And we reconcile every number on every account to the penny ensuring that nothing is lost or gone unnoticed.

Your Plan is Set Up, What Happens Next?

We are a team of 12 talented people that look at your needs, recommend the best options and can talk to you about your plan and it’s administration going forward. We are not cogs in the retirement services machine and you aren’t either.