About Cornerstone

Selecting, customizing, and implementing a qualified plan is complex. Our team manages all the nuances so you can make informed decisions. We always develop a plan design in the best interest of the employer from a tax-efficiency perspective.

We are 100% independent and receive no revenue from anything having to do with plan assets. Thus, we have no conflict of interest whatsoever. You will always get unbiased truth from any and every member of our team. We bill on a fixed fee schedule which means that you don’t get charged by the hour. Call any time. Talk as long as you need. There is nothing that we appreciate more than an informed plan sponsor.

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Our Mission

To help small business owners save as much money as they can and pay the least taxes possible. How an employer benefits their employees is a very personal matter. Part of our mission is to outline everything that is possible for an employer to create the best design for their company. We want both employers and employees to have the most money possible now and at retirement.

Company History

1983 - QPC is born. Larry and his partner, Don, break away from Connecticut General when CG decided that retirement plans are too complicated to handle in house.

1983 – 2013 - Larry develops into a revered industry expert teaching and earning the highest awards in the American Retirement Association for professionalism, volunteerism, and an unrelenting commitment to the truth.

2014 - Dan is minted as a new enrolled actuary and quickly escapes MassMutual to start his own adventure, Cornerstone Retirement.

2021 - Dan purchases QPC from Larry and Larry agrees to walk along with Dan for as long as needed. Dan agrees to keep Larry in the company for as long as Larry decides.

2023 - QPC and Cornerstone are merged and go forward under the Cornerstone name.

2024 - Steve Ahn joins as partner.

2024 - Cornerstone acquires Devlin & Hale Associates, Inc.

Meet Dan & Larry

Dan Jock

Daniel Jock, Enrolled Actuary
Consulting Actuary

Dan is a fun, friendly, strong team player. He is an enrolled actuary for employers large and small. Dan provides retirement-specific continuing education for accounting professionals from Massachusetts down through New Jersey. He cares for his team and customers. Dan is also an avid outdoor person who spends a lot of time mountain biking and skiing. If you do either of those things and want to join him let him know.

Larry Starr

Larry Starr, Enrolled Agent
Executive Vice President

Larry is honest and straight-forward with a keen eye and ear for the truth. He is an enrolled agent with 40+ years in the industry. He's an industry educator and has received the highest awards in the retirement plan community. Larry has authored several publications and served as the senior advisor to the industry's government affairs committee. Larry is also a continuing ed. provider for Enrolled Agents, CPA's and other tax professionals across the U.S.